Rental Options


Rental Options

The Schoolhouse

Ideal for small workshops & wedding party prep space. (Up to 25 people seated at wooden desks or tables, woodstove heat, plus blackboards!)

The Grounds

A playing field, the Dufferin Pond, wharf, swing, trees and benches provide an ideal outdoor space for games, picnics, displays, and ample photo opportunities.

The Cookhouse

Ideal for heritage atmosphere dining of up to 100 people with a variety of table arrangements, self serve buffet, woodstove heating and fully stocked bar.

The Clam Factory

Ideal for dances, receptions, workshops, lectures, retreats and displays. Up to 150 people in row seating or 100 at tables, plus a raised stage. Double doors open onto Dufferin Pond.

The Church

Ideal for weddings, memorial services, lectures, choirs and musical performances. Superb acoustics! (Up to 120 people in pews plus raised platform, balcony, church bell and operable pump organ)

The Archives

Ideal for small meetings of up to 15 people plus multimedia equipment, modern heating, internet access, and refreshment facilities.