A set of holiday cards featuring five archival photos that have been specially colourized for this series.(10 cards per set)
An annual publication of the Lake Charlotte Area Heritage Society
The distinctive shape allows it to be easily pushed along a rough floor while working underneath a hull.
Before paper towels, washing machines, and dryers made cleaning-up easy, a roller towel was a convenient way to provide a towel for drying or cleaning.
These simple, yet functional, playing card holders allow very young hands, or arthritic hands, to hold and display their cards easily.
Our building blocks are made from a variety of Nova Scotia hardwoods and softwoods. All of the blocks are unfinished so they are safe to chew.
Careful research allows us to present the “Webber Family” as they would have looked in the 1940s, in both their “Everyday” and “Sunday Best” clothing.

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