2021 Family Heritage Society Membership

Membership in the Society is open to anyone over the age of fourteen who subscribes to the objectives of the Society.

Members receive the following benefits:
Ability to vote at all meetings of the Heritage Society
Free admission to the village for the entire season (including event days)
10% off Cookhouse Chow, Special Event Meals, and Heritage Dinners
Discounted pricing on many evening events, and heritage village branded merchandise
Reduced pricing on rental of the Heritage Village buildings for such things as weddings, family reunions, or private parties.

Individuals who formally volunteer (i.e. an approved volunteer who records their hours) receives an annual membership in the Society after volunteering for 10 hours (membership is granted for the following calendar year).

Note: A family membership consists of 2 adults and up to 3 youth or children. Please send us an email with the full names to appear on the cards.

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