Donating Artifacts & Archives

Heritage Society Acquisitions

The Society acquires archives and artifacts that meet the guidelines set out under its Collections Management Policy and the Acquisition Policy of the Eastern Shore Archives.

The Acquisition Policy of the Eastern Shore Archives can be viewed under the tab “Genealogy and Archives”. The Collections Management policy of the Society requires that artifacts specifically relate to the various buildings and functions of the Heritage Village whose provenance can be directly connected to its geographical area and / or predates July 1st 1950.

The Society normally limits its collection of artifacts to no more than two of each kind, one of which will be on display and one of which will be held in storage.

The majority of artifacts held by the Heritage Society are considered part of a “working collection” and are therefore used as they would have been in the1940s and are not expected to be preserved in perpetuity. Artifacts within the working collection may be repaired or expended.

The Society’s geographical area is primarily the Lake Charlotte area communities (West Jeddore to East Ship Harbour ), secondarily the Eastern Shore communities from Musquodoboit Harbour to Sheet Harbour , and then a general interest in all of the communities of the Eastern Shore .

The Centre welcomes donations from the community that meet our acquisition policy. Please contact us if you want to make a donation. You must fill out a Provisional Gift Agreement before we can accept your donation.

You can download it here: Gift Agreement PDF