Reference Services

Reference services are provided by volunteers from the community. All volunteers have signed confidentially agreements and sensitive issues heard within the reading room are treated with respect and heard in confidence.

Reference services in person are provided free of charge. The Archives volunteers are also available to conduct research on your behalf if you can not do the research in person. An initial search is $20, and subsequent research is $15/hr.



Staff are available to make copies on your behalf. Each copy is $.40 and large copying orders may take more than 24 hours to complete. Copies can be mailed to you at the cost of postage plus a $2.00 handling fee.



Archival quality photos are printed off-site at cost plus a $15.00 handling fee. Charges for larger orders will be discounted and quoted on a case by case basis. Digital images are not available due to copyright concerns, but allowance may be made with permission of the donor or if the originals reside with the archives.